October 22, 2007

Illustration Friday Topic: Grow

This is my first entry into Illustration Friday. I haven't really ever done anything like this. I'm an interactive designer for sales and marketing, which means I don't really get a chance to just sit and illustrate. In my daily grind, it's get the graphics and animations out as fast as you can because there's a ton of new projects waiting in your inbox. Be sure to click on the image above for more detail.

I have always loved ducks. I think they're cute and being from New England, we have a ton of mallards up here. They're everywhere and I always thought they would make a good subject of an illustration. When I saw the topic for "grow," I immediately thought of a daddy mallard looking at one of his eggs, finally grown enough to break out of its shell and become a duckling.

I'm really excited that I got to work with texture in this piece. I'm usually a keep it simple kind of person because of the nature of my job. I take photos or simple illustrations, bring them into flash and make an ad for a news media site. I know that this is my first time illustrating in this manner. Since it is my first time trying it out, I know it's not what it could be, but I'm happy with it nonetheless.

I hope to explore this side of my design more in the future. Especially since I don't want to be making ads all my life.


  1. welcome to illustration friday.. great illustration.. nice use of texture too..

  2. Very nice. Welcome to IF. The nice big preview revealed a lot of great detail!!!

  3. i agree the blow up is great. lov all the work speically on the wings

  4. FABULOUS work!! Congratulations Sarah!!! :)

  5. Welcome! I'd say this is a success! Love the detail and use of textures. The duck is very cute.