October 8, 2011

Liz's Boston Elegance

Living in New England, there are a lot of Autumn themed weddings come September. I should know, mine was one such wedding. Liz, however, wanted a truly classic, refined invitation with Boston elegance that would astound during any season.


 The colors for the wedding were navy and ivory and with such gorgeous colors, it was easy to stay elegant and refined. We wanted the invitation to be traditional, but not boring. I added a satin ribbon accent and backed each card to give it extra dimension.


 With the incorporation of the ribbon, I was able to turn a traditional accent into a modern utility. Instead of hiding the ribbon behind the card backing, I allowed it to remain visible and act as a folder, holding the additional inserts. There was no risk of an insert going unread or thrown away because it was accidentally left in the envelope. All the inserts were held onto the back of the invitation itself.


 Liz's invitation suite set the tone for the wedding. From the moment her guests received these beautiful invitations, they knew they were attending an elegant wedding. An invitation should match the tone and theme of the wedding, guests not only appreciate that, they will compliment the bride on her thoughtfulness for years to come. Liz definitely hit the nail right on the head with this style and I hope she and her guests love these invitations as much as I do.