March 17, 2008

Busy times

I've been very very busy the past couple of months with work and personal life, so much so that I haven't been able to do an Illustration Friday since before Christmas!

So what am I up to? Well, I'm working on a former co-workers wedding invitations and will definitely be posting photos once they're complete. I also have a couple of party invitations in the works that will be pretty fun projects.

I'm working on my personal site for my portfolio, I came up with a new version of my logo (photo, right) that I really like. It's much simpler and I would like to think more classic.

I also edited that blog. It looked very much like the standard "blog template" that's pretty boring and not as "me" as I think the current look and feel is. I use that for all my work designs and I'm able to update that much more frequently than I would a portfolio site. I think it works well as a portfolio site. There's not as many photos since all my work is animated or interactive, but maybe I'll start sticking a couple of screenshots in, just to make it pop. I really need to redesign this blog at some point.

The only thing I did for myself last month was to finally draw a baroque style damask illustration. I've always wanted to make one because I think they're so pretty and classic. This can also be used in wedding invitations or home decorative ways. I'm not entirely happy with the larger "leaves" on the bottom, but for my first attempt, I think this came out fairly nice.