January 25, 2011

Custom Stationery: Karen's Surprise Party

- Version 2

Joe's Mother was turning 60 and like the good son that he is, he wanted to throw a party and invite all her family and friends. He wanted it to be more about the party and keeping it classy, than focusing on the actual 60th part of the celebration. I asked him to tell me a little bit about her. He told me that she loves warm and sunny places and since the invite was going out in mid-August, I decided it had to be yellow and it had to be all about sunflowers.

Keeping it classic, I did not want giant sunflowers everywhere, so I opted for a beautiful pattern that incorporated sunflowers subtly. I kept the color palette very simple with a warm and bright yellow and black. I used the white of the card as a background for the pattern.

Joe's family all loved the design I came up with and later on was told his mother was very excited about the party, even more so when she saw how people had been invited.

January 20, 2011

Thinking Warm Thoughts

Tomorrow is going to be another stormy day here in Boston. The snow is going to accumulate from 3-6" in this part of Massachusetts, but they said it would only be a dusting on Tuesday and we ended up with 3" and the roads were absolutely treacherous. January 2011 has been one of the snowiest months on record apparently and I'm trying to think worm thoughts.

As it's right at the coldest time of the year, the only thing I can think about is taking a long, hot bath every waking moment. Just the other day, I placed an order from Fortune Cookie Soaps with all sorts of bath goodies. It's scheduled to arrive tomorrow! We'll see if the snow delays it...

At Christmas, I ordered a Bath Gift Set which comes with six "fortune cookies." I re-packaged each soap separately, and gave them away as stocking stuffers. It was a hit! Everyone loved them, and of course, I kept one for myself. Well, it's not Christmas anymore, and although I love the smell of Christmas Wreath no matter the time of year, I though it was time for some new ones.

Photo from fortunecookiesoaps.com
The first thing I really wanted is not, in fact, soap. It's a new product called "Whipped Cream" that is essentially body butter. I hate hate hate the feeling of sticky lotions. I have used body butters before (mostly for my hands) and that seems to work really well for me. This is supposed to smell like cupcakes. omgyum.

Photo from fortunecookiesoaps.com

I love green tea. It is a recent love. I never used to like it, but some day last year, it was all that was left and I just made it and realized that it tastes really great. I'm addicted to green tea lattes especially and it seems that this soap was made for me. I mean look at it! Green tea creamy goodness. I can't wait to smell this one.

Photo from fortunecookiesoaps.com

The one I'm the most excited about is this soap. It's called "Get into the Groove." I'm not entirely sure why, but it's mint chocolate. My favorite flavor combination EVER. Maybe one of my favorite smells as well. I am beyond excited for this one.

Photo from fortunecookiesoaps.com

I also got a few bath salts and milk baths. I don't have a great bathtub, I'm tall and my tub is short. We don't mix well. Until I move into my dream house and have a giant soaking tub, I have to deal with taking half a bath essentially. These salts should help make the bath a bit more enjoyable. The one I'm really looking forward to is the "Cold Buster." I have had 2 colds in the past month and a half. This is has been with me for the past two weeks. My nose is very tender at the moment and I can just imagine the clearing of my nasals in the warm water. Sigh.

Hopefully I'll get my package tomorrow at work, as long as I can get there once the storm calms down that is!

January 13, 2011

Custom Wedding: Russ & Alexa

- Version 2
I have been dying to write about Russ & Alexa's Wedding stationery since I posted about their wedding gift way back in August of 2009.

Alexa and Russ are both lawyers, so many of the cards and invites they receive are very traditional and boilerplate. They wanted something that had modern touches and would make their formal invitations stand out, but they needed it to remain classic and elegant. Starting with the illustration of the flower, I wanted it to be as basic and simple as possible while holding onto its identity as a hydrangea. This style of illustration is unusual for a wedding design and having it stripped-down to its simplest form, proved to be a wonderfully useful design element.

Hydrangea Placecards

Alexa & Russ had me create all of their wedding stationery. I made the save-the-dates, invitation package, monogram, placecards, menus and programs. Alexa had this to say about her stationery,
"The quality of all of the pieces was exceptional. Her work is imaginative and elegant! She worked with us through the entire design process. Sarah created a "logo" for us with the first letters of our first names that became an integral part of the theme for our wedding. We were so pleased with the color and design that she chose - we're still receiving compliments on her work!"
Alexa was a pleasure to work with. She was involved in the process and I feel that together we made an amazing product.

- Version 2

January 12, 2011

Custom Stationery: Bryan

- Version 2

Bryan has a strong presence, both physically and as a real estate agent. His strength needed to be shown through his personal stationery. Being an agent means suits and ties and I wanted a classic pattern, but shown in a non-traditional way. I opted to frame his notecards with the tie-inspired pattern instead of making a swath across the bottom or top as seen in more traditional stationery. I also wanted his name top and center, again as a stronger presence than the standard bottom right-hand corner. I paired the notecards with a deep, navy envelope. This was a surprise gift for Bryan from his mother and she wanted to make sure that it was a reflection of his personality so that when he saw them, he'd love them.

"I'm speechless. Bryan's note cards came today. THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU...more times than I can say. They are stunning...the artwork, the font & your adorable & oh so whimsical logo on the back...WOW...as if that were not enough...the beautiful & tasteful navy blue envelopes...double wow...thank you again!"  - Robin (Bryan's Mother) 

January 7, 2011

Testing Copy

hello hello hello

I'm testing out webfonts today, so if you see anything odd, that would be why. It's definitely a work in progress.

January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010 Wrap-up

Christmas is definitely one of my favorite holidays. I get to spoil the important people in my life and I think this year we had some record spoiling. Now when I shop for as much as I did, I like to throw a gift for myself in for every, lets say, 10 gifts. Below are some of the fun things I got for myself.

Photo from www.lindaandharriett.com

1. Perpetual Calendar from Linda and Harriett. I have lots of birthdays and anniversaries I need to keep track of and although I have reminders in my phone and on my google calendar, it's nice having a physical calendar in my office to glance at.

2. MacBook Pro 15". Ok, honestly I got this on Black Friday. Story behind it. My in-laws live in NY and my husband and I were going there for Thanskgiving this year. Well I love to shop online on Black Friday and brought my laptop with me. I had set up all my carts, saved them, I just needed to check out. Get to NY, go to turn on my laptop, nothing. Not a thing. Black screen. UGH. Well I used my husband's laptop while he rebooted in safe mode. My files are alive, but the laptop is pretty much dead. So while I bought this out of necessity, I'm going to think about it as a gift to myself.

Photo from Paper-Source.com

3. White Paper Holly Wreath. I fell in love with this wreath when I saw it at paper-source. It was very much my intention to actually make this wreath, but alas, it just didn't happen. I will be making it next year though!

Photo from Amazon.com
4. American Pie 3 Movie Pie Pack. Yes, I know. This is a strange one. I don't know what it is about the American Pie movies that make me laugh. Maybe it's because they were seniors in HS the same year I was, and maybe because when American Wedding took place, I was engaged. They're such "dude" movies, but I love them. Also, maybe it's because Alyson Hannigan is fantastic, watch "How I Met Your Mother" if you don't believe me.
Photo from Amazon.com
5. Bergen Turbo Track Cat Toy. Now, I know this is technically not for me, but the entertainment I get from watching my cats play with it, it kinda is for me!

I'm sure I got a few more things for myself, but that's really all I can remember 1.5 weeks removed from Christmas. 

January 2, 2011

Hello 2011!

Happy new year!

2010 was a very challenging year. Time and health didn't seem to be on my side. Sometimes things can come up unexpectedly and last year, those things got the best of me.

This is a new year and I'm already starting off with a list of goals. I have set them up so they have realistic deadlines and expectations. I have an "additional goals" list that I can get to if I have time, but only if I have time.

I'm hoping to be updating this site a lot more in the coming months with really great stuff.

Here's to a happy and healthy new year!