January 25, 2011

Custom Stationery: Karen's Surprise Party

- Version 2

Joe's Mother was turning 60 and like the good son that he is, he wanted to throw a party and invite all her family and friends. He wanted it to be more about the party and keeping it classy, than focusing on the actual 60th part of the celebration. I asked him to tell me a little bit about her. He told me that she loves warm and sunny places and since the invite was going out in mid-August, I decided it had to be yellow and it had to be all about sunflowers.

Keeping it classic, I did not want giant sunflowers everywhere, so I opted for a beautiful pattern that incorporated sunflowers subtly. I kept the color palette very simple with a warm and bright yellow and black. I used the white of the card as a background for the pattern.

Joe's family all loved the design I came up with and later on was told his mother was very excited about the party, even more so when she saw how people had been invited.

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