February 16, 2011

World Collection: Morocco

- Version 2

In a previous post, I mentioned that I was assembling my first stationery collection. Today, I introduce Morocco from the new 2011 World Collection!

I am inspired by worldly patterns. I love seeing how each culture's patterns vary so differently from one another. In researching which cultures I wanted to base my designs on, I looked at fabric, tile, wallpaper, anything I could find for inspiration. In Morocco, zillij or Moroccan mosiacs, are used to make some of the most beautiful mosaics in the world. My design is strongly influenced by its geometry and use of stars and crosses.

This pattern is very versatile. It's shown in a beautiful, deep navy, and appears refined, even nautical. However, when adjusting the colors to incorporate turquoise or yellow, this pattern will become fun and pop off the page.

- Version 2

This collection is truly some of my favorite work. Check back soon for more World Collection updates!

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