August 26, 2010

Under the Weather

Quick update! I have not been feeling well at all lately, which is the reason for the lack of posts. I'm hoping to be back on my feet in the next couple of weeks and I will have lots of fun goodies to share with you then!

August 10, 2010

New Collection

I'm assembling my first "Collection" of invitations. I am so excited. I've been working on it continuously for the past few nights and this will be continuing for the next few nights too. I bought a beautiful album and have been assembling pieces to put in it. Tonight I'll begin assembly as well as print more samples. I hope people like them. This is my first step into the world of collections. I've been strictly custom up to this point. It's an exciting step and I can't wait to photograph the album!

I have a couple of meetings in the next couple of weeks with potential clients. Hopefully I'll have a couple of more custom pieces for the portfolio!