January 20, 2011

Thinking Warm Thoughts

Tomorrow is going to be another stormy day here in Boston. The snow is going to accumulate from 3-6" in this part of Massachusetts, but they said it would only be a dusting on Tuesday and we ended up with 3" and the roads were absolutely treacherous. January 2011 has been one of the snowiest months on record apparently and I'm trying to think worm thoughts.

As it's right at the coldest time of the year, the only thing I can think about is taking a long, hot bath every waking moment. Just the other day, I placed an order from Fortune Cookie Soaps with all sorts of bath goodies. It's scheduled to arrive tomorrow! We'll see if the snow delays it...

At Christmas, I ordered a Bath Gift Set which comes with six "fortune cookies." I re-packaged each soap separately, and gave them away as stocking stuffers. It was a hit! Everyone loved them, and of course, I kept one for myself. Well, it's not Christmas anymore, and although I love the smell of Christmas Wreath no matter the time of year, I though it was time for some new ones.

Photo from fortunecookiesoaps.com
The first thing I really wanted is not, in fact, soap. It's a new product called "Whipped Cream" that is essentially body butter. I hate hate hate the feeling of sticky lotions. I have used body butters before (mostly for my hands) and that seems to work really well for me. This is supposed to smell like cupcakes. omgyum.

Photo from fortunecookiesoaps.com

I love green tea. It is a recent love. I never used to like it, but some day last year, it was all that was left and I just made it and realized that it tastes really great. I'm addicted to green tea lattes especially and it seems that this soap was made for me. I mean look at it! Green tea creamy goodness. I can't wait to smell this one.

Photo from fortunecookiesoaps.com

The one I'm the most excited about is this soap. It's called "Get into the Groove." I'm not entirely sure why, but it's mint chocolate. My favorite flavor combination EVER. Maybe one of my favorite smells as well. I am beyond excited for this one.

Photo from fortunecookiesoaps.com

I also got a few bath salts and milk baths. I don't have a great bathtub, I'm tall and my tub is short. We don't mix well. Until I move into my dream house and have a giant soaking tub, I have to deal with taking half a bath essentially. These salts should help make the bath a bit more enjoyable. The one I'm really looking forward to is the "Cold Buster." I have had 2 colds in the past month and a half. This is has been with me for the past two weeks. My nose is very tender at the moment and I can just imagine the clearing of my nasals in the warm water. Sigh.

Hopefully I'll get my package tomorrow at work, as long as I can get there once the storm calms down that is!

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