January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010 Wrap-up

Christmas is definitely one of my favorite holidays. I get to spoil the important people in my life and I think this year we had some record spoiling. Now when I shop for as much as I did, I like to throw a gift for myself in for every, lets say, 10 gifts. Below are some of the fun things I got for myself.

Photo from www.lindaandharriett.com

1. Perpetual Calendar from Linda and Harriett. I have lots of birthdays and anniversaries I need to keep track of and although I have reminders in my phone and on my google calendar, it's nice having a physical calendar in my office to glance at.

2. MacBook Pro 15". Ok, honestly I got this on Black Friday. Story behind it. My in-laws live in NY and my husband and I were going there for Thanskgiving this year. Well I love to shop online on Black Friday and brought my laptop with me. I had set up all my carts, saved them, I just needed to check out. Get to NY, go to turn on my laptop, nothing. Not a thing. Black screen. UGH. Well I used my husband's laptop while he rebooted in safe mode. My files are alive, but the laptop is pretty much dead. So while I bought this out of necessity, I'm going to think about it as a gift to myself.

Photo from Paper-Source.com

3. White Paper Holly Wreath. I fell in love with this wreath when I saw it at paper-source. It was very much my intention to actually make this wreath, but alas, it just didn't happen. I will be making it next year though!

Photo from Amazon.com
4. American Pie 3 Movie Pie Pack. Yes, I know. This is a strange one. I don't know what it is about the American Pie movies that make me laugh. Maybe it's because they were seniors in HS the same year I was, and maybe because when American Wedding took place, I was engaged. They're such "dude" movies, but I love them. Also, maybe it's because Alyson Hannigan is fantastic, watch "How I Met Your Mother" if you don't believe me.
Photo from Amazon.com
5. Bergen Turbo Track Cat Toy. Now, I know this is technically not for me, but the entertainment I get from watching my cats play with it, it kinda is for me!

I'm sure I got a few more things for myself, but that's really all I can remember 1.5 weeks removed from Christmas. 

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