January 12, 2011

Custom Stationery: Bryan

- Version 2

Bryan has a strong presence, both physically and as a real estate agent. His strength needed to be shown through his personal stationery. Being an agent means suits and ties and I wanted a classic pattern, but shown in a non-traditional way. I opted to frame his notecards with the tie-inspired pattern instead of making a swath across the bottom or top as seen in more traditional stationery. I also wanted his name top and center, again as a stronger presence than the standard bottom right-hand corner. I paired the notecards with a deep, navy envelope. This was a surprise gift for Bryan from his mother and she wanted to make sure that it was a reflection of his personality so that when he saw them, he'd love them.

"I'm speechless. Bryan's note cards came today. THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU...more times than I can say. They are stunning...the artwork, the font & your adorable & oh so whimsical logo on the back...WOW...as if that were not enough...the beautiful & tasteful navy blue envelopes...double wow...thank you again!"  - Robin (Bryan's Mother) 

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