October 20, 2008

I <3 Ikea

My side of the office

This past weekend my husband was in GA for business. Since I had the whole weekend to myself with nothing to do, no distractions, and no prior commitments, I decided it was going to be a productive weekend!

I have been itching to start An Inkling Designs for awhile now. Doing invitations on the side for friends and co-workers is good for building a portfolio and flexing creative muscles, but it doesn't really bring in an income. I have wanted to build up my etsy shop with customizable prints and invitations, cards, etc. but the time was never really there and even if I had time, my office area was cluttered, disorganized and just not a very creative inducing environment. My husband was always reminding me that the office needed to be cleaned and I just couldn't do it. That changed that this weekend. A day trip to Ikea with my sister and 2 long days building, throwing away junk, organizing, and I now have what I hope to be the successful start of my business.

I have invitations I'm doing as a wedding present to our former best man (now that he's tying the knot too) so that will be the test run of my new office space. I'm going to be printing and assembling their save-the-dates over the next couple of weeks, so I'll have give an update on how that goes.

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