June 19, 2010

An Inkling Design is Online!

An Inkling Design has been redesigned and is now live!

The exciting news I hinted at in my previous post will have to remain a secret for now. I finished the site quicker than I anticipated and it's not quite ready to share yet. 

I had come up with a very quick beta site a month or so back to just have something online since I had more clients and they needed a place to see my work. The past three weeks I have been spending every last spare minute re-imagining my brand and my goals. Redesign is always a challenging project. You have to look at what you do, your aesthetic and feel, what your brand says about you; and dare to imagine something completely different. 

I think the redesign accomplished the goals I have set for myself and where I want the company to go from here. Visit aninkling.com and let me know what you think.

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