September 7, 2010


For the past many months, I have been hinting about a big surprise for An Inkling Design and here it is!

My new press!

That is my new (old) C&P Pilot 6.5x10 Letterpress! What is a letterpress you may ask? Well take a look at this link for more information on how awesome letterpress is. For more awesome photos of my new press click here. Since the press is now a very important part of my work, it needed a new, bigger home. We moved the office into our finished basement and I now have a studio! Photos will come when things are more organized. I'm very excited!

This is an antique that has been restored to better than factory new quality. It dates to pre-WWII. As such, it doesn't exactly come with a "how to" video. This is also a machine, quite literally. There are nuts and bolts to adjust and varying settings to finagle to get everything into the exact set up needed. This will take time to learn and I'm giving myself a year. I hope to have some samples to show you by next year's holidays.

There are SO many things going on for An Inkling Design! The next few months will have some very exciting updates! Until then.

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