June 27, 2011

Minted Design Challenge

I have always wanted to enter a Minted Design Challenge and just haven't gotten around to it. Until today!

I finally had a contest that I had a great idea for (inspired by my recently expecting friends) and time to flesh out the concept. My friends are expecting a baby and want to be surprised by the gender at the birth. Naturally their colors are yellow and her Nursery is going to be Pooh themed. Pooh is obviously a very heavily trademarked Disney property, so I went with the bumble bee from all of Pooh's lovely honey pots.

I wanted to keep the design simple, to show of the real reason why the parents are sending out this invite in the first place! Add a stripy background for a little extra oomph and a birth announcement was born.

If you like it, click on the link below and vote for me!

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