March 19, 2011

World Collection: Sari

- Version 2

Indian Sari (or Saree) patterns are highly detailed and incredibly unique. No two are alike, they are stunning and when draped around the body, become wearable pieces of art.

I was inspired to make a pattern similar to what can be found on a sari. A bold lower edge design, with a repeating pattern in the center finishing up with an intricate border. The beauty of this style of pattern is that it can be represented by almost any combination of colors. In the photos, it is shown in a solid, bright purple color. This pattern will also work with a beautiful burgundy and gold combination; adding a second color into the smaller elements of the pattern to enhance the design even further. The pattern itself can be one color and the background of the pattern another. The possibilities are endless with this style.

- Version 2
This is a beautiful pattern that can easily be adapted to use for Weddings or personal stationery. I am excited with the versatility of this design and looking forward to using it in other ways.

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