March 5, 2011

World Collection: Talavera

Talavera is a beautiful ceramic style from the Puebla region in Mexico. Each of these tiles are individual works of art, usually hand painted. Ceramic tiles are fantastic to base designs off of since they "tile" naturally, which is key to any repeating pattern.

- Version 2

For this pattern, I started with a square base and incorporated a geometric, floral design that Talavera are known for. Bold colors are an integral part of all Talavera design. When placed on a wall or a table top, these bright colors draw you in and that's when you notice how detailed they truly are.

- Version 2

I chose to create a pattern based on Talavera because it is such a bold and beautiful style of design. When sending an invitation or a piece of stationery, the goal is to grab the recipient's attention. You should want your guests to be excited about your event from the moment they set eyes on your stationery. This design will do just that.

- Version 2

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